Saumya Majumder Portrait

Hi, I’m Saumya Majumder.

I started Acnam to help people and small businesses stop stressing about all things related to the website.

All of our services are focused, in order to stop wasting your precious time on tedious tech tasks so you can focus on what you love. ❀️

Why I Started Acnam?

When I was in my engineering college studying Information Technology, since that moment I was fascinated with programming and web technologies. After passing out while working for a big multinational company, I used to do freelance work on the side as the domain I was working on the company didn’t satisfy my programming itch.

One thing I used to constantly see when I was working in the MNC is that they are more focused towards billing the client every week rather than making sure that the code base is as perfect as possible. Whenever any problem came, they always used to patch it somehow without fixing the root underlying cause. This process of work had always made me uncomfortable as I prefer perfection in work rather than just doing it and lying to the customer for the next billing.

During this time when I was doing freelancing, I saw that even small businesses were facing the same problems, being unhappy with their web solutions, not getting proper support and so many other problems people have to face to take their business online.

This is where Acnam Infotech was born to make sure none of our customers ever have to face any of these issues again and we will become the tech friend of our customers so that they can rely upon us for all of their web solution needs while they can focus on their core business.

These are the core guiding principles of Acnam Infotech and these principles will be with us forever. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are so happy with our work that they can happily recommend us to others. We truly focus on doing quality work and word of mouth marketing instead of spending money on ads.

What would it feel like to never worry about your website again?

Let the Acnam team take over the boring, frustrating and in many cases terrifying job of building and managing your website. With our various services starting from website development, website customization, website maintenance, website optimization to search engine optimization you will get:

  • A beautifully designed modern responsive website.
  • A faster, more stable and reliable website.
  • Better ranking in search engines for more organic traffic.
  • Peace of mind knowing your site is safe from hackers, spammers and other nefarious people.
  • No more panic just because you made a mistake which wiped out your website with some errors or white screen of death.
  • Go-to help that you can trust, so that you don’t need to move around various forums, asking for help to people who may not know the context of your website.