Anncoo Journal is a quick and easy recipe blog by Ann Low. The website is really big with lots of contents and recipes. Ann contacted us with some complaints she had on her website. There were many bugs which were causing many issues to the visitors. Also at the same time, she wanted to make some visual changes to some part of the website. We talked with her in great detail to understand all the ideas she had about the website and at the same time all the problems she wanted us to fix on the website. After understanding all the requirements we have implemented all the changes she had asked for on her site.

Besides the changes she asked for, we also saw some major issues with her website that she didn’t notice. Like her website logo was a very pixelated JPG which looked really bad not only on high-resolution computer displays but also on phone and tablet screens as these handheld devices have higher screen resolution and pixel density. So, we went ahead and reconstructed her existing website logo in vector format and replaced the existing JPG logo with a vector SVG logo. Now her website logo looks crisp no matter what screen you see it.

Moreover, as she was using a lot of advertisement network on her website, it took almost 1-2 minutes to load her website so that the viewers can interact with it. Looking at this major flaw, we have also performed very advanced level optimization on her website by doing which we were able to reduce her website loading time from almost 1-2 minutes to less than 1-2 seconds, cutting down the website loading time by almost 100%. Now her website loads in a blink of an eye.

Things We’ve Done

  • Fixing various bugs on the website
  • Improved code security
  • Made design changes to some part of the web page
  • Implementing advanced website optimization
  • Providing constant maintenance of the website to ensure it remain secure and fast


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript