BigScoots is the only 100% positively reviewed web hosting company based in the USA with a global workforce. Often times when they onboard a new customer to their hosting environment, the customers had no clear way of knowing whether their website is being served from the BigScoots server or not. This problem becomes especially evident when they have to migrate a customer with an existing website from their existing hosting to BigScoots. As migration is a critical thing involving many variables like DNS records, ISP propagation etc. customers oftentimes become very confused to understand whether or not their website has been properly transferred to BigScoots. Otherwise, any changes they would make on their website might get lost if the DNS propagation hasn’t been completed and they mistakenly made the changes on their old host which would lead BigScoots to remigrate the website again.

To resolve this problem, the BigScoots team had initially created a very basic HTML file saying the site is being loading from BigScoots server. So, if a customer tries to access that file and get a 404 page not found, they would know that the website still hasn’t been properly transferred. But creating this basic file didn’t resolve the customer confusion completely as most of the times the customers won’t understand the nuance of the file and open support tickets asking about the transfer status.

BigScoots Old Server Check Landing Page
BigScoots Old Server Check landing Page

With this problem in the hand, BigScoots had come to us for redesigning their server check landing page. They were looking for an easy to use landing page which will automatically show whether or not the website is being served from BigScoots server with clear, easy to understand instructions. Also, they were looking for an easy to use landing page solution which they can upload to the customer’s existing hosting platform before transferring the website to BigScoots. In this way, the landing page file will exist in both the customer’s old host as well as on BigScoot’s server. So, the customer will be able to access the landing page even if the website is being served from the customer’s old host.

But the landing page should show dynamically whether or not the website is being served from BigScoots server when someone would access the landing page. If the DNS hasn’t been propagated or the transfer process is still in progress, the landing page should show clear instructions about that along with multiple visual cues. Alternatively, when the DNS has been properly propagated, that same landing page should show a completely different message and visual cues informing the customer that the website is now ready to use and it is also being served from the BigScoots server. So, a customer can just simply check this landing page after some interval of time to check the status of website transfer and hosting setup.

We have made the landing page after understanding all the requirement of BigScoots and stayed constantly in touch with them to ensure that they love the final product and it is also helpful for their customers. BigScoots now use this landing page on all of their customer websites and it has increased customer satisfaction by 120%. The introduction of this landing page has also reduced support tickets related to transfer status and account setup status by 87%.

Things We’ve Done

  • Designing the landing page with brand color consistency
  • Creating a custom API in PHP to check if the website is being served from BigScoots server or not
  • Encapsulated all business and programming logic inside the API to ensure security
  • Used SVGs instead of PNGs & GIFs to ensure a crisp design for all screens
  • Made sure the landing page is fully responsive and looks beautiful on all screen sizes


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bulma
  • PHP