BigScoots is the only 100% positively reviewed web hosting company based in USA with a global workforce. The tool that they have used to manage clients, orders, servers and support tickets has always been very complicated to work with. Moreover the design of the hosting portal was not responsive. So, customers had to use a desktop or laptop to properly view the hosting portal. So, they have contacted us and told us that they found a new design for the portal which is fully responsive but it doesn’t carries their brand consistency.

So, we have worked on the hosting portal to incorporate the new responsive design and to make sure it is working perfectly across the board. Moreover we have customized the layout of the portal to make sure it carries the brand color consistency and design. Now the customers of BigScoots uses this portal on daily basis on any device they want and identifying the portal not just with name but also with the color they associate with the BigScoots brand.

Things We’ve Done

  • Implementing new design for the hosting portal
  • Customizing the portal to meet the client’s need
  • Customizing the colors and assets of the portal to meet brand color consistency


  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3