BigScoots is the only 100% positively reviewed web hosting company based in the USA with a global workforce. Thy specializes in fully managed customized WordPress hosting among many other things. As WordPress becomes the most popular content management system in the world and they started getting more and more WordPress clients, the existing hosting portal that they had wasn’t right for the task. As they were looking to build a portal where their clients can completely manage all aspects of their website without feeling the need of contacting support for doing minor things.

They contacted us to build this new WPO portal for their WordPress clients and after carefully understanding the requirements, we started working on the v1 of the WPO portal. We added various functionality like an admin side of the app where the BigScoots team can log in to add or edit customer details at the same time a client dashboard where a customer can log in, view the list of website they have hosted with BigScoots, check the server details, FTP details, modify and edit their own account and login details. Moreover, the customers can easily use the interface to place a migration request from their old host. The clients can also check their existing support tickets, reply to them and if needed open a new support ticket from the portal.

As this was a client-centric application, we wanted to take advantage of JavaScript frameworks and building the app as a single page application (SPA). This made sure that the app will load super fast on the customer’s system without taking much server resource. Moreover, as the current browsers are super powerful, we can do many amazing things by using a JavaScript framework over a server-side language on this project. We have used Vue JS as the progressive JavaScript framework while using Firebase for all the data storage and server-side code execution needs. We used Firebase Cloud Firestore to store data and Firebase Cloud Function to run our server-side Node JS functions on a server-less environment. This combination made the project fast, slick and at the same time affordable in terms of resource usage cost, thanks to the generous free tier of Firebase.

Things We’ve Done

  • Designing and developing the v1 of BigScoots WPO Portal using Vue JS and Firebase
  • Ensuring the brand color consistency
  • Developing various components to deliver the functionalities the client was looking for
  • Always had clear discussion with the client to ensure the final result matches their expectations
  • Rigorous testing of each functionality of the web app to ensure the end user doesn’t face any bugs


  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Vue JS
  • Vue Router
  • Vuex Store
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Firebase Cloud Functions