CCRewards is the brainchild of our founder which was developed to help Indian credit card users to help them choose which credit card to use based on their rewards. Almost all credit cards have some sorts of rewards associated with them, but those rewards are mostly applicable to some special reward categories; i.e. if you spend in those particular categories then only you will receive those rewards. But if you use your credit cards outside of those special categories generally the rewards are much lower.

This is why CCRewards has been developed so that Indian credit card users can check which credit card is giving how much return outside of special rewards category. The web app has been designed in such a way that anyone can access the app as creating an account is completely optional. The benefit of creating an account is that instead of seeing the return of all the credit cards in the system, you can select only the credit cards you own and the app will show you the return only for those cards. Moreover, this web app is also a progressive web app (PWA), so users can install this web app onto their computer, laptop, tablet and phones just by tapping a button. Then after that, they don’t need to access the web app via the browser, instead, they can simply open the PWA they have installed from the app drawer and use it like any other native app.

Though the app looks quite simple, there were many underlying complexities in it, especially with calculations and data handling. We have used Nuxt JS, a Vue JS-based JavaScript framework to build the app and instead of making it a single page application, we made it a server-side rendered application with the help of Nuxt JS. We have also used Firebase Cloud Firestore to store user data and Firebase Cloud Functions to run server-side Node JS functions in a server-less environment. Finally, we have hosted the app on Zeit (now Vercel).

Things We’ve Done

  • Designing and developing a responsive web app using Nuxt JS and Firebase
  • Implementing progressive web app (PWA)
  • Maintained strong code and data security
  • Rigorous testing of each functionality of the web app to ensure the end user doesn’t face any bugs


  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Nuxt JS
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Firebase Cloud Function