Glenmore Landing Vision Center is a quality optometry healthcare based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are having their clinic website since 2009 but it was never up to the mark as per their need and new technological benefits. The server where their website hosted was very slow and filled with ancient hardware. After trying out various firms and individuals for making the website, not just extremely professional but also make it look awesome in all devices. When they contacted us with their long list of problems on their website, we had to re-make the website from scratch.

Things We’ve Done

  • Developing a new responsive website on WordPress
  • Made sure the color combination of the design fits their business color scheme
  • Optimize the site to load at a blazing fast speed
  • Doing on-page SEO and ranking improvements
  • Providing constant maintenance of the website to ensure it remain secure and fast

Now the new website of Glenmore Landing Vision Center, not just only looks good, it also loads at a blazing fast speed. The average load time of this website now is 1.4 seconds compared to 13 seconds previously. Also, the user interaction on the website has been increased by 450% with the new website design super fast loading time. Due to the responsiveness of the design, the bounce rate for mobile users has been reduced by 96.35%.


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript