Laura Theodore is a recognized public television personality, vegan PBS celebrity chef, award-winning cookbook author and nationally renowned jazz singer. She and her husband founded the Jazzy Vegetarian to share vegan recipes both on their website and television show. She contacted us to develop a website for their Jazzy Vegetarian venture where they can show case their television shows, release the written version of the recipes she shows on her show, sell her cooking DVDs and also write blog articles about new vegan recipes which are excursive to the website. She wanted to separate the television recipes and the website excursive recipes completely on the website.

We worked with the client to understand every single details of her requirements and started working on the website. At the same time, we stayed constantly in touch with the client every step of the way informing her about the progress and changes being made on the website. We even touch the client how to navigate and make changes inside the website so that they can manage the contents themselves. Finally when the site is done, we have performed website optimization to ensure the website loads fast all around the world.

Things We’ve Done

  • Developing a fully responsive website using WordPress
  • Implemented custom features to showcase TV shows and season recipes
  • Added online shop using WooCommerce
  • Maintained code security and optimized the website to ensure it load at a blazing fast speed


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • JavaScript