Self Care Emporium is a store selling self-care products, mindfulness tools, flower essence, body wellness products to people who are in self-care needs. Jeanne Prinzivalli, the founder of the company created this store as she has seen a great need for easy and affordable self-care products for the clients she manages through Self Care Continuum. Earlier she created a store using Volusion, but not only it was very expensive but also it didn’t provide an easy way to manage the products she was selling. So, she contacted us to develop an eCommerce site for her that she can easily manage and will be more affordable in the long run compared to Volusion.

After understanding all the requirements from the client in great details, we started working on the project. During this time we constantly stayed in touch with the client to ensure the website becomes exactly as she envisioned. We have also shown her how she can add and manage products on the website by herself so that she feels very comfortable running the website. We even taught the client how to do search engine optimization, finding the right keywords for her product page SEO. Finally, we have optimized the website to ensure it loads fast all across the globe.

Things We’ve Done

  • Developing a fully responsive eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Maintaining code security to ensure the safety of the website visitor data
  • Adding custom elements to the website as per the client’s need
  • Optimizing the website to load at a blazing fast speed all across the globe
  • Providing constant maintenance of the website to ensure it remain secure and fast


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • JavaScript