Strategic Planning Group is a renowned wealth management and retirement planning service provider in Northern Utah, USA who provides 401(K), IRA analysis, Retirement Planning, Wealth and Investment management services. They had a website since the early says of the internet and they were one of the few companies who were online since the internet booming age. But their previous website was built in the 90’s without any content management system. So, even to update some basic details on the website they needed to go through a lot of hassle. Also, as the website was old, it wasn’t responsive and didn’t looked good on mobile devices.

This is why they have reached out to us to rebuild their website from scratch with the new technologies and solutions we have today. We have worked tirelessly to constantly staying in touch with the client to understand every minor requirements and vision. Then we implemented their vision and dreams onto their new website. The new website was fully responsive and can be viewed on any size of device. Moreover, there were many custom requirements of the client for the new website due to their nature of business, which we have implemented properly on the new website. Finally as a cherry on top, we have thoroughly optimized the website to ensure it loads at a super fast speed across all devices.

Things We’ve Done

  • Designing and developing a new responsive website on WordPress
  • Made sure the color combination of the design fits their business color scheme
  • Made custom elements for the website as per the client requirements
  • Optimize the site to load at a blazing fast speed


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • JavaScript