Investment Advisory

We provide investment advisory service to ensure your hard earned money is invested at the right place to grow your wealth with the magic of compounding.

Our Objective & Principle 👑

Choosing the right place to invest your hard-earned money 💰 is not as easy as people think. In the world of investments, the investment time horizon is more important than the amount you invest. The more time you will give to your investments, the more money you will make. You will only see the magic of compounding when you invest for a long horizon. If you have a short horizon to invest, there are options for you too but don’t expect a similar return of a long term investment.

Most people don’t even understand the basics of investing and either invest in bad instruments or simply follow the crowd and by doing so they lose their hard-earned money, never to be seen again. 📉 Many people even get feared by the market volatility and take steps which costs them more than they can imagine.

But worry not, we provide personalized investment advisory to help you build a strong investment portfolio. By taking a personalized approach, we first understand the needs, goals and risk capacity of you and then help you to make a portfolio that will help you to reach all of your goals. 🥅

Get Investment Advisory, No Matter Where You Are

In the world internet your location and time preference should not be a barrier to get investment advisory. Take a look at the different mediums we use for investment advisory. So that no matter where you live, you can always reach us.

Face To Face

If you wish to have a face-to-face meeting, we can definitely arrange that if you are in the same city as our office. Our adviser will meet with you at someplace and discuss your finance.

Video Call

If an in-person meeting is not a viable option for you, you can always opt for a video call over zoom or skype where we can have a detailed private conversation about your finance and investments

Voice Call

If you are not comfortable with a video conference, we can also have a detailed meeting over a call, listening to your financial needs, goals and guide you accordingly with your investments.

Please note that this service is only available for our Indian clients. We do not provide financial guidance and investment advisory to our global clients.

Simple Affordable Pricing

Our goal is to help as many people as we can, take a look at our investment advisory plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between different plans beside consultation time?

Not really, but the things is that to give financial advice is not like selling books as each person’s financial situation and future goals are different. Our advisor needs to understand you, your psychology, your thoughts, your existing finance and your future goals to give you good advice and provide you with a personalized investment portfolio which will work for you. Now to do all these, it is immensely important to talk with you in detail, which is not possible on a shorter time span. This is why we generally recommend you choosing either the hourly option or the two hours option so that we have a good time to talk and understand you before giving a piece of advice.

Is there any assurance of guaranteed return?

In the world of finance, a guarantee is something no one will give to you no matter where you invest. Even if you put a large sum of money in a bank fixed deposits if the bank faces any problem and closes down, DICGC will only return you up to 5 lakhs. But again, the interests in fixed deposits are so low that the interest you make gets eaten by the inflation. So, if your investments can’t beat the inflation, then you are not making money, but losing it.

When it comes to investing, the return is always proportionate to return you make. But that doesn’t mean you should be taking whatever risk you can to make money as in that way you won’t make money but will lose it. When it comes to investments, all investments need to be properly calculated and analysed so that your hard-earned money doesn’t get lost in the pile of bad risks.

What if I have more question after a consult session?

If you have any minor questions, you can always reach the advisor and ask it. We won’t charge you for that. But if you have longer questions or questions that need detailed explanations which might take up to 30 minutes, then we will suggest you book another 30-minute small session and ask your questions and get detailed explanations.

Do you guys make any money from my investments?

Absolutely not and we want to make this clear even before you book a consultation session. We do not make any money whatsoever from your investments as we don’t believe in brokerage on any sorts and don’t want to make money off your investments like most advisors out there. This is why we charge for consultation while many advisors may provide free consultation as they know as soon as you invest, you will start getting commission our of your hard-earned money. We strongly oppose that and do not do any suck business practice. Our goal is to show you the path that you should take to manage your wealth and even show you how to do that. In fact if you are currently using any service that includes an extra brokerage or cost, we recommend you to move to a better platform where you don’t have to bear those charges.

Which investment platform do you guys use and recommend to use?

We at acnam, personally use Groww to invest and manage our investments and we also recommend the same to everyone. The only reason behind recommending Groww is that among all the investment platforms we have used, Groww has the easiest user interface and no clutter. The interface is so smooth that anyone can understand it and you don’t need any special knowledge to understand the operation of the portal. If you haven’t tried Groww yet, we will highly recommend you to check it out. But then again, this is just a recommendation as you are open to using any service or portal you like.

What Others Are Saying

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