We Build Modern Web Apps That Scales πŸ’»

Whether you need a portal for your business or a small website with JAMstack, we can help you build modern web apps that can scale over time. Also, we mostly use Google firebase technologies like cloud firestore to store our database, cloud function to run Node.JS scripts in a server-less environment, which reduces the app management cost. This is all because of a generous free tier of Google firebase and even after you cross the free tier, you get nominally charged by your usage.

We use Nuxt.JS as it has the power and simplicity of vanilla Vue JS and then more features on top of it. This allows us to build application which will entirely run on your browser and without the need of costly page refreshes for each page load. Also as pages need not be refreshed for every simply request, this gives a much faster experience to your users which feels like an instantaneous response from the web page.

Various Kind Web Apps We Build With Nuxt JS

We use Nuxt JS to build various kind of modern interactive web apps, here are a few use cases

Simple Portfolio Websites

If you need a simple portfolio website, Nuxt JS can be used to build a beautiful portfolio showcase static sites which will load super fast as well as modern.

Web Portals

Many businesses need web portals for their registered users to interact with their services. These web portals can be made using Nuxt JS to give a fast and modern web experience.

API Driven JAMstack Apps

We can help you build web apps which are driven by REST APIs by using Nuxt JS to give your visitors a beautiful and fast web experience.

Beautiful Resume Sites

If you want to build a simple web app to showcase your resume and experiences, we can build it for you using Nuxt JS

Let’s make a beautiful & modern web app for you

If you have a project idea in your head on which you want us to work on, please get in touch with us so that we can look at your requirements and give you a quote for the project.