Search Engine Optimization

We provide on-page search engine optimization to fix all the technical issues with your WordPress sites as well as contents to ensure your customers can find your business

We Provide Technical On-Page SEO 🛠️

Search Engine Optimization is a really tricky thing. Though most people nowadays think they are an SEO expert, the truth is much far from that. Now the search engines are so advanced with the help of AI, ML and computer vision that the old ways of SEO are truly gone. Now search engines do not rely on meta keywords of the number of back-links you have, instead, it checks your website as a normal human would and tries to understand the content of it. Then after using some complicated math, it determines how authentic and helpful it is to others. If you don’t have enough content targeting the keyword you want to rank for, search engines won’t rank it well. Also, many technical factors like your site security, speed, optimization play a big role as well. We find the technical issues with your website which is hurting your SEO and fix them so that your site can rank well. We also update some contents of your site and teaches you how you can implement the same by keeping some tips in mind.

Please note that we do not use any black-hat SEO techniques which may give a faster result but very soon these search engines will penalize you and your site will never be shown on those search results. As we use white-hat authentic SEO approaches, it may take some time for the result to be reflected but the ranking positions are much permanent rather than being temporary.

The Improvements We Will Make

Take a look at some of the major SEO operations we will perform on your website to improve on-page SEO of your website.

Technical Audit & Fixes

We will do an in-depth technical and security audit on your website to figure out the issues on your website. Then we will do a deep drive and fix all the technical and security issues you have on your website to ensure search engines loves your site.

Content Optimization

We will talk with you to understand the keywords for which you want to rank your website and then after having a detailed discussion we will optimize your website content and also teach you how you can update your contents for better ranking.

Structured Data Implementation

We will implement structured data on the key pages of your website so that the search engines understand the context of your website better which will help your website to rank well on search engines beating your competitors.

Guidance on Image Optimization

We will help you choose the tools which will optimize the images of your website and provide them over a CDN to ensure your web pages are lightweight and load faster as all search engines love fast loading websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this service include optimizing website to make them load fast?

The speed and responsiveness of your website is a key metric used by search engines to decide how your website will be ranked, but this service does not include website optimization. The price mentioned above doesn’t cover the website optimization cost. Though we will do some basic tweaks in terms of optimization but don’t expect any in-depth optimization of your website. If you want to optimize your website, please purchase our website optimization service separately.

Do you provide SEO for all type of websites?

At this current point of time, we only provide the SEO service for WordPress and Nuxt JS websites and web apps. We plan to cover other CMS and frameworks soon.

Do you provide SEO service for eCommerce sites?

Yes, we provide SEO service to WordPress based eCommerce websites. We proficiently work with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

What are the prerequisites before ordering the service?

Before you order the service, we will highly recommend you to get in touch with us, so that we can arrange a zoom or skype meeting where we can talk about requirements and understand your goals. This helps to ensure there is no misunderstanding between us and we have clarity on the project before you place the order.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied?

As a customer satisfaction obsessed company, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously to ensure they are always happy at the end of the project. So, we don’t think you will get a chance to complain. But still, if you need a refund, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide it as this is a digital service with no way to return the work we have done.

What Others Are Saying

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