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Need to make some changes or want to add a new feature on your WordPress site? Don’t worry, we will customize your WordPress site to make it exactly how you want

We Make Your Website Customization Dreams Come True πŸ˜‡

Often times people think, I wish I had this feature on my website or I wish this part of my website looked like that. These are commonly thought by all website owners and small businesses at some point in time. But implementing these changes or adding those features to an existing website is not as easy as dreaming about them.

Making visual changes to a part of a website requires design and programming knowledge and with an armature hand, it can bring more chaos than a relief. We at Acnam Infotech understand these thoughts our clients, where many people and business would like to make customization to their existing websites rather than building a new one from scratch due to many reasons.

This is why we provide quality customization service for websites running on WordPress. Where we understand all the requirements of our clients and implement the website customization so that our clients can sleep in peace while we are working hard implementing our client’s dreams.

Customization We Do For WordPress Site

Take a look at the some of the customization we do for your WordPress website.

Resolve Design Issues

If you website has any design inconsistency or some party of your webpage looks bad or maybe there are some inherent design issues, you can customize the website to match your vision.

Improve The Looks

We can customize parts of your WordPress site or the entire site to improve the looks and user experience based on your requirements. Make your website look exactly as you dream it to be.

Add New Features

We can add new features on your website without hampering the existing flow of the website to ensure adding one feature on the website, doesn’t break a hundred other features.

Resolve Website Bugs

Does your website has a bug which you have no idea how to fix, don’t worry, we can take a look at under the hood of your website and resolve the bug so that none of your visitors faces it.

Repair Broken Pages

Often times updating the themes and plugins of your WordPress sites can lead to a broken website. We know that it is really frustrating, but if you are facing the same, we can fix those annoying issues and get your site up and running again.

Repair PHP Errors

When you try to manage and maintain the website yourself without proper knowledge you can face many PHP errors, warnings, white screen of death or even a completely broken website. Don’t worry, we can take care of that annoyance for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workflow?

After you click on the “Get Started” button above, you will be taken to a form asking some basic details about the project. Once you fill-up the form, we will receive a notification and we will get back to you on the email id you have provided in the form within 24-48 working hours. We will ask you to arrange a time so that we can have a proper meeting over Zoom or Google Meet or Skype to understand your vision and requirements. Finally, after understanding the project fully, we will provide you with the final quote and if you agree, we will start working on it.

How much time do you need?

It completely depends on the amount of customization needed to be done on your website. If you ask for minor customization you might receive it in a couple of hours to a couple of days, alternatively, a heavy customization could take much longer time.

Will you do website optimization? If not, what’s the different between code optimization and website optimization?

WordPress website optimization is a separate service to speed up your website and make it load blazing fast. Whereas code optimization means the codes being added to your website during the customization work is properly tested to ensure not only they work perfectly but also they execute fast.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied?

As a customer satisfaction obsessed company, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously to ensure they are always happy at the end of the project. So, we don’t think you will get a chance to complain. But still, if you need a refund, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide it as this is a digital service with no way to return the work we have done.

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