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We design and develop high quality responsive modern websites from blogs, business sites to eCommerce sites with great attention to details and superior support

We Build Admirable Websites 💎

Small businesses often give their website the last priority. They think it is nothing but a luxury product and building a beautiful modern website is nothing but a waste of money. Even many businesses who have an old website, don’t update and take care of the site thinking they better invest that time and money on other aspects of their business. Though we completely understand why they think that, but it is a major mistake in this digital world where everything is done on mobile phones or computers. We at Acnam Infotech take great pride building beautiful modern responsive websites for small businesses as well as blogs, self-employed people, online portfolios and eCommerce websites. Our great attention to details to each aspect of the website development process reflects on our works.

What’s WordPress & Why We Use It?

WordPress is a very popular content management system which powers more than 35% of all the website on the internet. We use WordPress to design and develop most of our websites because it is very powerful CMS which allows us to do many advanced works while giving our clients an easy to use interface to update the assets and contents of their website when they think of it. Also due to the immense power of WordPress, it can basically power any kind of websites, be it a blog or business website or an eCommerce shop, the possibilities are endless. 🤩

Our Specialties

Take a look at some of our specialties when it comes to website development with WordPress.

No Page Builders

We do not use any page builders on our projects as they are bloaty and slows down the site. They also destroy the website extensibility. Instead, we like to use Gutenberg, native solutions provided by WP core, which allow us to do major customization while giving easy content management option.

Design Based On Psychology

We give extensive effort to our design and development to ensure each element, design, colour correlates with human psychology and they bring some positive emotion to the visitors. This approach not only increases visitor conversion but also brings an admirable experience to your users.

Optimized Code

We strictly follow all best coding practises and guidelines set by the WordPress core development team to ensure faster code execution while maintaining strong security. By using this approach, all the websites we build remain future proof and load super fast.

Fast Loading Website

The speed of your website always remains one of the highest priority to us from the moment we start working on it. Every step we take on building your website is highly calculated to ensure that your website is giving a fast and smooth experience to your users.

Attention To Every Minor Details

We give great attention to every minor detail of a website which we are developing to ensure every aspect of it is as pixel-perfect as possible. If we see any minor cosmetic issues anywhere on the website, we don’t sit still until it is fixed. This often leads to fixing many issues that even the client didn’t see.

Using Modern Programming

While developing a website we always use the most modern approach of writing the code. We really don’t like using legacy codes which are not only slower but also lacks features. We try to take advantage of modern browsers and their capabilities by using the latest coding standard and syntaxes.

Website Security

We take website security very seriously from the beginning of the website development process. By following best coding practices and guidelines we ensure your website security is rock solid and thus you can sleep well at night knowing your website is secure from nefarious people on the internet.

Optimized For Better Ranking

During the website development process, we ensure that your website can load fast which helps highly on ranking. Also at the same time, we implement structured data on key parts of your website to ensure search engines can understand the context of your website better and improve the ranking of your webpages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workflow?

After you click on the “Get Started” button above, you will be taken to a form asking some basic details about the project. Once you fill-up the form, we will receive a notification and we will get back to you on the email id you have provided in the form within 24-48 working hours. We will ask you to arrange a time so that we can have a proper meeting over Zoom or Google Meet or Skype to understand your vision and requirements. Finally, after understanding the project fully, we will provide you with the final quote and if you agree, we will start working on it.

How much time do you need to build my site?

It is really hard to say. The time depends upon many tings, like how big your project is, how many custom components are there in your website, how much time it would take to design, develop and test those components etc. Roughly it might take 2 weeks to 4 weeks, but we will work on it until we can provide you an admirable website.

Will my site be responsive?

Every website we design and develop is fully responsive and properly tested on different screen sizes like mobile, tablets, laptops, different size of monitors to ensure no matter what device your visitors are using, they have a fast, smooth and admirable user experience.

Will you maintain my website after developing it?

Of course, we will. All of the above packages come with a 15 days complimentary website maintenance service. If you want us to manage the website after that, please consider subscribing to our website maintenance service separately.

Is hosting included in the price?

No. The price is for developing a website for your business, blog or portfolio. This does not include hosting. But if you are looking for best-in-class super optimized fully managed hosting for your website, look no further than BigScoots Inc. They provide high quality optimized managed web hosting for WordPress website at an affordable price. We personally host with them for many years and most of our client websites are hosted with them. As a customer to BigScoots, we can definitely recommend them.

Will you do on-page SEO and keyword optimization on the website?

We will do technical SEO on the website to ensure all the technical aspect ranking your website higher is checked. But when it comes to on-page SEO, you can purchase our SEO training service where we will teach you how you can optimize your website content for better ranking.

Do I have to purchase anything extra besides paying for this service?

In most cases, you don’t have to buy anything special for your website unless you are looking for some special features which are available in a paid plugin (e.g. WooCommerce addons). Also if your website has a very high number of visitors and bandwidth usage, you might need to pay extra for image optimization service too. But in most cases, your website shouldn’t cross the free limit.

Do I need to purchase website optimization service separately after website development?

No. We will optimize your website to ensure fast loading time as a complimentary benefit. There is no need for you to purchase the website optimization service separately.

Can you build my site exactly looks like some other site?

No, sorry. We strongly believe in the creativity and uniqueness of a website. You may let us know that you like some part of some website and to get influence from that, which is fine and we will appreciate that. But if you are looking for cloning some other website, then sorry, we are not the right fit for you and your project.

Isn’t WordPress has many security issues?

Absolutely not. We know that many blogs write these kinds of nonsense to boost their viewership, but it is not true. At the early days of WordPress, it wasn’t as strong as it is today. But over time tanks to thousands of developers who build and maintain WordPress, it has become one of the most robust CMS systems on the internet. On a WordPress site, security issues come not from WordPress core, but the weakly coded themes and plugins. This is why we maintain strong coding standards on each of our projects to ensure your website security and also at the same time, we try to minimize the number of plugins on a website to ensure your website has as less third-party plugin dependency as possible.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied?

As a customer satisfaction obsessed company, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously to ensure they are always happy at the end of the project. So, we don’t think you will get a chance to complain. But still, if you need a refund, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide it as this is a digital service with no way to return the work we have done.

I still have more questions, what to do?

Well, not to worry, just click on the get started button above for whichever plan you think would be the right fit for your website and you will be asked to fill out a form with some questions. After which we will get back to you for arranging a zoom or skype meeting where you can ask any questions you have and we will be happy to answer them.

Still Confused? 🤔
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