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We optimize WordPress sites to ensure they load fast and your websites visitors don’t get annoyed. A fast website can help you increase sales, conversion and SEO ranking

We Optimize WordPress Sites To Fly Like Rocket ๐Ÿš€

Visiting a slow website not only annoys you but also your visitors. If your website does not load within 4-5 seconds, most likely your visitor is going to leave your website and go to a competitor website. This is why it is so important to have a super-fast loading website. Moreover, a fast website will lead to higher sales, conversation and even better ranking on search engines, as search engines also prefer a fast loading website compared to a slow one.

When it comes to a WordPress site, optimizing it from the core can be tricky as there are many variables involved like what theme you are using, what plugins you are using, how optimized the plugins are, how your website is handling resource intensive contents like images etc. We take in-depth look at every part of your WordPress sites and optimize every bit of it to ensure the site load at the speed of a rocket.

Things We Do To Optimize Your WordPress Site

Take a look at the some of the things we do to optimize your WordPress site and to ensure a fast loading time.

Security Audit & Hardening

We do an in-depth audit of your website to find out the security issues it has so that we can fix them and also at the same time hardening the security of your website to save it from nefarious internet hackers.

Implementing Firewall & CDN

We will add a firewall and global CDN support to your website by implementing Cloudflare to ensure your website remain secure and fast for everyone around the world and distance doesn’t become a barrier.

Reduce Page Load Time

We will implement a sophisticated page caching mechanism which will take advantage of Cloudflare’s global CDN and cache your websites all around the world for the fastest loading experience.

Code Optimization

We will analyze the code of your website in details and look for ways how they can be optimized further for a faster page loading experience without compromising any existing website features.

Image Optimization

We will optimize the images on your website to ensure they are small in size and is being loaded in a future-ready file format like WebP over a global CDN without consuming any extra resource of your server. We will also lazy load the images on your website so images load only when they needed.

Database Optimization

We will also optimize the database of your WordPress site to ensure no orphan or unused data is left on your site. This will speed up the database of your website which will help it to perform operations and load your website faster without any unnecessary data clogging your database queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you prefer using Cloudflare over premium caching plugin like WP Rocket?

We did a lot of testing internally with almost all WordPress caching plugins out there and found that Cloudflare page caching beats them all globally if configured correctly. The reason behind it is all WordPress caching plugin works as a layer on top of the WordPress install where the caching lies on your server. So, if you don’t pay for a CDN service, even to get the cached version of a webpage, a request needs to travel from the visitor’s location to the actual server. Now if you use any premium CDN to host those cache files, still they are not as good as Cloudflare page caching.

Cloudflare uses much-sophisticated page caching mechanism driven by machine learning and AI, which cache page much efficiently and compress them at a small size. Finally when anyone requests that webpage, most of the times there is no need for the request to travel all the way to your origin server, instead, Cloudflare provide the cached version of that page from the nearest cache node to you from their hundreds of CDN servers around the globe.

Do you use plugins for image optimization?

No, we don’t. The reason behind that is when you upload an image to your WordPress media library, it created many different version of that image based on the instruction from the themes and plugins installed on your website. Now, most free image optimization plugins will only do lossless image compression which mostly removes the unnecessary metadata from the image to make it smaller. But this does not reduce the image size vastly. Moreover, as these lossless compressions will happen on your server, utilizing your server resource, it can vastly increase the load on your server based on the number of images and make your site feel slow.

If you want to use lossy image compressions, then you have to pay for every image it compresses regardless of whether you use them or not. So, if your website generates 10 different version on single image upload, you need to pay for 11 credits per image. This greatly increases the cost of image optimization. This is why we do not use image optimization plugins, instead, we use services that optimize the requested images on the fly while delivering them on a future proof format like WebP over a global CDN. Here the pricing structure is not based on number of images you have but the bandwidth they consume, that also after you exceed the enormous free limit, which a small to medium size will never cross. So, even for a heavy traffic website, this structure reduces the cost of image management greatly. We decide which service to use based on your bandwidth usage.

How fast my site will be after optimization?

It depends on multiple things like how optimized your site currently is, how fast is your web hosting, does your web hosting uses ancient hardware and over crowed it with multiple websites etc. It is easy to think like optimizing a website is like flipping a switch, but in reality, it is a much more complex equation depending on multiple variables. Generally speaking, on average we have seen 40% – 70% reduction on page load time after we have performed optimization.

How much time do you need to optimize a website?

It depends on the size and complexity of your WordPress website. It may take a day to a few days to a week based on the complexity of your website.

Can I get a refund if not satisfied?

As a customer satisfaction obsessed company, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously to ensure they are always happy at the end of the project. So, we donโ€™t think you will get a chance to complain. But still, if you need a refund, unfortunately, we wonโ€™t be able to provide it as this is a digital service with no way to return the work we have done.

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