Client Testimonials

Kind words from our happy customers.

I worked with Saumya to redo both of my websites for my business. He was very thorough and left no detail untouched. He was very insightful in regards to what would look good and why. He pushed me to do things I would have not done on my own. And I am very happy with the results of both my main site and store site. I highly recommend him.

Saumya is the real deal. What was supposed to be a simple job, turned out to be quite complex due to my own terrible setup. Saumya worked through it with me, unravelled it and helped me straighten things out. No extra charge. Then he taught me how to do a few things on my own. Stuck with it till the end and went above and beyond what I had asked him to do. I would definitely recommend him and definitely use him again.

Yes highly recommend his services. He broke things down quite well, explained the reasoning behind things, he made a lot of sense and then took over the work with amazing results. Our website is now functioning at super speed. Will definitely use again – thanks 🙂

If you are like me, you might have a great looking site but there is one catch… it runs like a dog. Working with Saumya was EXCELLENT!!! And I look forward to working with him and referring all my clients to him for the same success. I took all of his recommendations and I’m extremely happy!

Wonderful customer service! He did not rush the work at all, walked me through the entire process, and really made sure everything turned out exactly how I envisioned. I will definitely be coming back for all future web developing and design jobs. Highly recommend!

I discovered Saumya’s blog earlier this week after a quick Google search. I was very pleased with his attention to detail throughout the blog post that I decided to submit the initial questionnaire to clarify my specific business needs. After reading his response, I decided to move forward with making my request, trusting I would be in good hands. Within a day of payment, Saumya was able to resolve my problem and restore my account to me without any delay or issue.

I highly recommend his services and will keep his contact handy in case I have any other needs in the future.

After a drop in business, I took a look at my website and noticed it was taking a very long time to load. Not wanting to lose any more business, I began to look online for a solution. I found Saumya’s website and was immediately impressed with the look, layout, loading time and testimonials. His posted rate for optimizing my site was so reasonable, I immediately signed up.

Between his expertise with WordPress and recommendation for hosting, my website is now running better than I ever expected. All that in a couple of days! Even IF I had been able to do this work myself, it would have taken me 4 times longer than Saumya. I will definitely use his services again. Kudos Saumya, excellent job!

Saumya was really fast on his service and the results are there to see. My site got 150% better in loading times after his job was done.

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