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Kind words from our happy customers.

After a drop in business, I took a look at my website and noticed it was taking a very long time to load. Not wanting to lose any more business, I began to look online for a solution. I found Saumya’s website and was immediately impressed with the look, layout, loading time and testimonials. His posted rate for optimizing my site was so reasonable, I immediately signed up.

Between his expertise with WordPress and recommendation for hosting, my website is now running better than I ever expected. All that in a couple of days! Even IF I had been able to do this work myself, it would have taken me 4 times longer than Saumya. I will definitely use his services again. Kudos Saumya, excellent job!

Saumya was really fast on his service and the results are there to see. My site got 150% better in loading times after his job was done.

I have worked with many freelancers and I’ve never met someone who was so quick and efficient as Saumya. My website is running the best its every run and I wish I had met him earlier. I will 100% be working with him again.

I had a WordPress site on a really nice server with an SSD drive but was still getting pitiful load times, around 5-6 seconds. Saumya took that down to between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds consistently despite our website featuring many videos and other load-time intensive items. He knows the right formula to make it happen, he’s fast, efficient, and gets the job done.

I’m a relatively well-versed webmaster. When I first ordered with Saumya I was thinking that he’d probably get results similar to the ones I have gotten on my own in the past, but I was hopeful. I was sceptical (due to my background), but now I can only say two big thumbs 👍 👍, way up!

If you are like me, you might have a great looking site but there is one catch… it runs like a dog. Working with Saumya was EXCELLENT!!! And I look forward to working with him and referring all my clients to him for the same success. I took all of his recommendations and I’m extremely happy!

Professional and Swift execution of service. Just trust blindly for results beyond expectations..

Good communication and fast turnaround. Saumya made very clear what he could achieve and he optimized very well our website in the scope of what he could do. Serious and attentive – recommended for professional use.

Saumya is a “CAN DO MAN”!! Total Rock Star all the way. If it can be done in web development… Saumya not only can do it….but he does it honestly, efficiently, and with a great deal of meticulousness. His work is simply brilliant. He understood my culture, my product, my market and my needs. I went through some serious issues with previous developers and Saumya knocked it out of the park!! I will remain his client as far as infinity will take me.

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